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1 on 1 Session


- What brings you here

- Discuss current struggles

 - Share feedback from Birth Chart

- Provide recommendations and messages


3 Sessions


- Pick up where we left off

- Measure progress

- Design a plan towards your goals

- Provide recommendations and messages

Please keep in mind no session can be 100% structured. Bring an open mind and heart. 

Let's Work Together!

Our session is structured around 90 minutes. In our first session we have an opportunity to discuss current struggles, how to find purpose, and explore new opportunities. We can take it a step further and design a strategy around finding a new direction. All sessions are hosted virtually.

You are required to provide personal information prior to our first session with the purpose of understanding your personality traits, past karma, and important lessons brought into this lifetime. All personal information relates to the date of birth, location, and time of this event. 

My only ask; bring an open mind and heart. Our session is a judgment-free zone. Sessions are completely confidential; no information will be released to external parties.


Exceptions apply; make sure to read the Disclaimer.

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