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Acceptance: Where I am Heading To

"One thought, one feeling, one emotion." Honoring my therapist and just trying to apply her wisdom. I always write from my experiences with emotions. Trust me I go through a handful of those. Still, I encourage you to find mental support and never give up on the search for methods that could work for you.

Acceptance is one of the most challenging stages to embrace. Acceptance and respect for the present moment. Acceptance to honoring free will. Acceptance to "emotions are never constant". Acceptance to "happy memories are a reminder that we will be blessed with new ones down the road". Acceptance is the ability to flow with the Now, whether the Now comes from Love or Fear. Acceptance is allowing the Universe to put things back in their rightful place and accepting it is time to nourish the Self.

Where am I in my Acceptance journey? It just is. Currently, finding ways back to my Self and figuring out how to stand in my power again. I take responsibility with love for giving too much of my energy, love, and focus to settling into a new city, new home, and new routine. Making new connections and letting go of others. Acceptance is not simple; it just is.

What can I do to embrace Acceptance? Coming back to my grounding practice and pouring love into my Self. Haven't we all heard plenty of times that you cannot pour from an empty cup? I have been pouring from empty and in the process stumbling upon unhealed wounds. Journaling, meditating and having the support of my closest friends are what keep me going at the moment. It sounds simple. Coming to terms with there will be moments of silence, loneliness, and stillness as I navigate Acceptance. Coming to terms with this is me, a bundle of emotions, love, and chaos. All I can promise my Self is that I will continue to do the work.

Affirmations to consider: I purposely call my energy back; I purposely pour love back into me and I purposely stand in my power. I am loved. I am worthy of love. I accept and meet my Self where I am at today. I accept the way I love. I accept my light and dark side. I am in stillness and in union with my Self. I am at peace.

If others are not ready to receive and accept you, keep moving my soul friend. Yes, it is not easy and yes, it might come with tears. Whatever you do, take a moment to grieve, take a moment to breathe, take a moment to recognize where you are, and find the determination to keep moving. Twisting ourselves into pretzels is never worth it, only in yoga :).

To the days and months to come: I accept you. And so it is.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

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