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New Path: Why I Moved to New York

Would it make you feel uncomfortable or anxious to read I had no logical reason to move? Would it make you think I am crazy if my answer was my intuition led me here? Would it make you look at me differently? Our decisions will always trigger reactions in our Self and those closest to us. Sometimes we block our own desires to make these decisions out of fear of what or how they could cause distress and even pain. The farther we walk away from them the more miserable we feel. So, let's jump right in.

How about I start by sharing my timeline. I decided to uproot my life in Miami some time beginning of November 2021. A trip to New York City, and many signs later, made it very clear I was meant to move here. I spent only 5 days. During those 5 days, every single person I came in contact with asked the same questions. Didn't you live here before? Why don't you move here? Do you live here? The Universe was screaming at me. Who did I think I was not to listen?

I landed in Miami that Tuesday night and I knew my mind was made up. As I was in flight, I asked for help. If this change was part of my path, doors would open, obstacles would be removed and people would show up to assist. And that is exactly how the rest unfolded.

Financial Security: My first step started with my amazing boss, who deep down I sensed fell off her chair. She certainly worked her magic to assist me in the process. I am happy to report that we still work together and I am extremely grateful for her generosity. My relocation was approved without any hesitation and what could have taken months took exactly one weekend. I have always had the same feeling about her. Her purpose in my life is to create change and push me in ways I have never been challenged. My spiritual teacher, mentor, and friend.

Mom: By mid-December, I sat down with my mom and communicated my plans. It has been by far the most difficult and painful conversation we ever had. I walked away with the feeling I had broken her heart. My move did not make any sense to her, I was being irrational, but deep down my decision was facilitating healing for the two of us. Healing? After our conversation, it became very clear my mom had never healed from our separation. When I moved to the States we spent a year apart; an extremely raw year. The wounds were still there and the first lesson had manifested. I am happy to report that our relationship is stronger than ever. My mom supported me every step of the way, packed and unpacked more than 25 boxes, and flew to New York with me on her birthday to assist with the move. You are my hero mother. I love you and admire your devotion.

Mental Health: For my own mental health, I decided to take the holidays off and spend time with my family. I knew my life was about to drastically change. What I knew as stability at the time would never be the same. I was closing a chapter that took 20 years to write. I looked after myself by giving every step time and allowing for minimal anxiety to build up. Yes, there was still anxiety and uncertainty in the process. It was challenging and continuous to be, but that is a story for another time.

New Home: I did not revisit any of my plans till the first week of January when I reached back out to the nicest and most compassionate broker in New York. I have no doubt I manifested Marina into my life. We spoke on a Monday and by Thursday night I was landing in New York with more than 7 showings scheduled for the next day. In one of the most difficult real estate markets, I flew back home the following Monday with a signed lease and a beautiful studio apartment by the water. Thank you Universe, and Marina!

I won't bore you with more details. I spent January and February coordinating with a relocation company and wrapping up my life in Miami. I officially moved out of my Midtown apartment on Valentine's day and spent the next two weeks living with my mom and great-grandma. By March 1st I was boarding a plane, with mom, and on March 3rd movers were unpacking my furniture in my new studio apartment.

Magical Souls: Kindness and support overflooded my life throughout those 5 months. The Universe, my guides or whatever we wish to call them sent a tribe of magical people. Actions, words, hugs, and love were delivered every single step of the way. Remember an old post about Allowing or Controlling? In my heart, I listened to what was asked of me and allowed for the process to unfold. I cannot thank you enough for never questioning my decision and for supporting my journey.

So, to answer my original question I do not have a logical reason to be here. I find myself getting to know this new me every sunny and gloomy day. I trust I have been planted for a season of blossoming and abundance to come. I trust. I keep my senses open for small signs of what is next and the turns I must take. And so it is.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

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