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How Everything Started: The Magic of a New Book and a Broken Heart.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Heartbreaks have the magic of opening ourselves to receive healing. We tend to believe the opposite, but in reality our soul is wide open and in desperate need of care. That is exactly what happened to me.

I can still remember my last experience with a broken heart. Having expectations not met and dreaming of what I understand now was a one-sided emotion. My healing journey started sometime in February of 2020. Again, this is what my conscious mind remembers as initiation. Healing had started way before that.

Months before, September 2019 to be exact, I attended a yoga retreat in Cape Cod where I heard about Chakras for the first time. I had no clue what it meant or how it would play a huge role in my life. After the retreat, and closer to the holidays, I started to crave information. My conscious journey was here! I was not certain of what I wanted to learn yet. Nonetheless, information started to appear. Unconsciously, I was gathering the tools to nurse my soul.

  1. The first tool was what I identified as my Chakras for Dummies book: A little bit of Chakras, an Introduction to Energy Healing by Amy Leigh and Chad Mercree. Now that I read this title again, it just dawned on me how I was already on the journey to Energy Healing. Call me corny. Yes, there are signs everywhere.

  2. The second tool came in the form of a Christmas gift by who I recognize as one of my early teachers. You will see me quote Rebecca Campbell on my Welcome page and throughout my IG account. Her book Light is the New Black changed my life forever.

  3. The third tool came in the form of a teacher, my energy healer, and sounding board Rackie! I first met Rackie at my local Yoga studio where she was hosting a Circle. I had no idea what a Circle was, but I knew I had to be there. The messages Rackie shared with me that day were rejected by my ego. Fast forward two weeks from the Circle, I was sitting in her office crying my eyes out and broken. Rackie is magical. She held my hand, and 4 other members, all of last year sharing her knowledge, teaching us how to heal and how to pay attention to our inner calling. Book a session with her. No need to thank me later lol.

The heartbreak was just a simple way of my healing journey manifesting. At the time, it felt like a humongous problem I needed to get rid of. What I ignored was that my heartbreak was bringing up others areas in my life requiring attention. Whether it is self-worth or self-respect or fear. What started as a desperate call to feel better turned into sharing and assisting with my story.

My intention; to share as much as I can remember. What may have been a struggle or lesson on my journey could guide others. Again, it is not about the ego. If I ever have the privilege of meeting you in one of my sessions, or two, my message will always be the same. I wish for your soul to find purpose and courage to move you forward. It is not about creating codependencies, but shining a light on the tools you always have within you.

May you always shine bright despite your past experiences.

See you next time!


Disclaimer: This post contains links to materials that were transformational in my journey. I do not receive any form of compensation by sharing them. Happy Healing and Reading :).

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