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My Routine: No Secret Formula

There is no secret formula to a spiritual routine and it is not as complicated as it might sound. New habits start to show up as you walk in purpose. Understanding what works for you, but more importantly, what speaks to you (trust me there is a difference) is the best approach to a healthy routine. Yes, it is a process of trial and error. If a habit is not helping me stay high vibrational, it is my job to ask how I can adjust it or replace it. And spoiler alert, get ready to face that annoying habit you have been putting off. This is a space where typically healing is waiting.

Building my routine started with small steps. At first, I would get asked what I was doing to stay centered. Centered? I did not even know where my center was. Was I meditating? Was I journaling? Was I connecting with my inner/higher self? Was I buying crystals? More than centered, I was 100% overwhelmed. I started to compare my process and "small" progress with others without realizing that it is all about looking within.

Sacred Space: My routine started to shape up by learning the benefits of creating a high vibrational environment around me and the use of sage. I love its scent; this is an item I can never run out of. It was a small step to a bigger goal. Once the benefits of inhabiting a sacred space started to show up, I decided it was time to have a conversation with myself. Journaling: Picking up a journal and kicking off a series of daily check-ins came next. I started to allocate a few minutes every day to write whatever came to mind. My intention; to declutter my Self and center my thoughts in the present moment. No structured 5-minute journaling; just a simple conversation. A habit that has not been about quantity but quality, and holding the intention to release on paper emotions/thoughts that no longer serve me on the spot.

Next came rushing in that annoying habit I mentioned at the beginning, Meditation. I have always battled with the concept or myth around meditation. Every time the subject came up I would post the same answer; it is just not for me. I would look at meditation as a practice that required preparation and some kind of spiritual knowledge. Little did I know that in order to heal and assist others there was no way around it but through.

How did I do it? Well, the Universe had bigger plans on how to push me forward. Yes, push me lol. Meditation, with the support of my Mala, was the only way out of multiple anxiety episodes. It got me through my first stage of physical healing; Root chakra work. It morphed into a space where I connected and worked with myself. No special setup at home or sitting or laying down or turning yourself upside down. Just by closing my eyes, breathing, and repeating a mantra to myself. My first mantra and Mala were all about surviving anxiety; I would repeat "I am safe, I am grounded" for as long as it was needed. It made all the difference in calming my mind and understanding that in every situation I am always supported.

So, what am I saying? I always go back to Being Gentle with Yourself, whatever that means to you. Spiritual routines or well-being routines, whichever term you feel more comfortable with, are there for a reason. Find what works for you and enjoy the process. A healthy combination of the 3 above has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. I am forever grateful and so it is.

Sharing a collection of tools below. I might not use them on a daily, but worth posting nonetheless. Again, the key is always to listen to your gut (intuition) and follow what speaks to you.

Tools in no particular order:

  1. Meditation = Mala + Affirmations

  2. Journaling = Decluttering Daily

  3. Sage and Palo Santo = Sacred Space and Calmness

  4. Crystals = Give them an Intention

  5. Healing Sessions with Rackie

  6. Lying on my back = Feeling Supported

  7. Stretching = Move the Energy in your Body

Things I buy (not sponsored):






PS: I have nothing against guided meditations. On the contrary, I support all kinds of mediation. However, do not miss out on the opportunity to listen to yourself. Trust me, you will always be your biggest teacher.

See you next time!

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