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Heart Chakra: Deepest Healing

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

There are infinite phases to personal healing. I never know when the next phase is coming, but I have learned to correct my reaction as it gets closer. In the beginning, I had the tendency to react from a victim mentality and question why was this happening to me again. I would get upset with my Self and everything I believe in. In the present, I surrender to the multi-level discomfort that comes with healing and reflect on what emotion or situation is showing up to be addressed. That is exactly what the concept of trapped emotions entails; situations we avoided or decided not to deal with and how they get trapped in different parts of our bodies turning into physical symptoms.

My physical healing manifested in two painful phases within a two-month period. I might share that story someday in detail. I still hesitate about sharing experiences involving physical illness. Even when it all comes from a high vibrational space. In any case, let's get back to the Heart.

When it came to cleansing and clearing my Heart Chakra the pain started to manifest in my right wrist. Summer 2020 working remote, learning to live alone, and still recovering from a heartbreak were the perfect combo for a torn ligament. Yes, a torn ligament. Most people have carpal tunnel issues from typing or other causes. Healing decided to show up in the form of a very random syndrome, TFCC, with little chance of finding relief outside of surgery. After months of doctor visits, and a cortisone shot, the pain was still there. It was not unbearable, but it had put me out of my regular workout routine and yoga. At the end of any regular workday, my right hand was stiff, in pain, and had minimum mobility.

By February 2021, I had no other option than to take a medical leave and drop out from a Master's program I had decided to start in January. I kept asking my intuition to reveal what was causing this pain without realizing it was the aftermath of my heart experiencing a trapped emotion, rejection. While on medical leave, another physical symptom showed up. Get ready lol. After a severe case of stiff neck and shoulders, my sternum-clavicular joint suffered swelling (SC joint). Mind you, this typically happens to a football player or someone who has been involved in an accident. Interesting fact, this pain was not new to me. I had had the same issue 3 years ago and had gone away with cortisone. So, what the heck was happening? Again, I kept asking for the emotion to come up so I could work on releasing it. Still, I had major pain and discomfort on my right collarbone-neck-arm-wrist side.

It was not until May 2021 that I found the first doctor (healer in my eyes) who helped me with the wrist. Doctor Baker's name came up in two different conversations with different people. That is when I knew this was a sign to seek his help. I knew the emotion and I had worked on releasing it. Doctor Baker was extremely optimistic from day one and a PRP powered with Amniotic Fluid shot kickstarted the process of ligament regeneration. I am still in recovery mode, definitely on a brighter path. So, what about my clavicle? Well, this one has not been easy as it is expected from pain or symptom bridging two chakras, Heart and Throat.

My second doctor (again healer in my eyes) showed up in Doctor Bravo. His approach to chiropractic is magical. If you ever have the chance, book a session with him. After many sessions, we were finally able to identify the emotion, shame. I am still working through healing my SC joint. I recently had to experience another cortisone shot, but I am optimistic. You are probably thinking why so much work to end up relying on cortisone. If I fail to become aware of what is the root cause of my pain, I have failed as a healer. The intention is always to get to the bottom from a physical, emotional, mental, and soul level to heal for good. I am still working through releasing and addressing situations that had caused or triggered shame. Then again, we are always on the journey. And so it is.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

Disclaimer: Notice how I am always working on the spiritual combined with western medicine. This content is narrated from my point of view and following my intuition. For a medical assessment, you should seek the advice of a doctor or professional.

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