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Root Chakra: Going back to the Roots

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Do you remember the last time someone said "you need to ground yourself or practice mindful" (just a fancier term for being in the moment)? These are all lessons of the Root. The Root chakra can be found at the end of your spine. You may be able to find it faster by hovering your hands over your tailbone versus the front of your body. When balanced, the Root rotates in a beautiful bright red light. Personally, it became my most treasured chakra the minute I learned what it meant and its lessons. Everything starts at the Root. My journey started there.

My manifestations of an unbalanced Root came in the form of anxiety, lower back pain, foot eczema, and constipation. Doesn't sound fun, right?! I cannot believe I am sharing, but what the heck. From a medical standpoint, I was doing everything in my power to heal the physical body. I would see every doctor and therapist, but I was un-awaken to the real cause.

Growing up I was blessed with an overflow of love and maternal support. Three generations of wisdom were part of my gifts in this lifetime. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother taught me from day one how to be independent, prioritize my education and always move forward. I had everything I could ask for, except that deep down I was hiding a deeply rooted fear of abandonment. But, how can someone "apparently" supported by everyone and everything fear abandonment?

The separation caused by my father moving to another country without properly saying goodbye had left scars in my five-year-old self. It might seem simple, and my adult self understands he had to make decisions to better his own life. Yet, the simple act of not saying goodbye and disappearing kept showing up in other areas. Again, I was only five but I can still remember when my mother had to share the news. Yes, after four years I saw my father again, and eventually, I moved here to the States thanks to his help.

Fast forward twenty-something years later I am finally aware of all the times abandonment has shown up for me. A vivid collection of failed attempts at relationships and being at the receiving end of many ghosting acts would do that for you. If you read my first post, it took heartbreak to help me focus on what truly requires attention. And if my Root was the foundation, it was about time I would do something about it.

To heal my Root I work on grounding meditations and journaling. I use the power of affirmations like "I am safe", "I am grounded", "I am here", "I deserve to be here". A barefooted walk in nature or lying flat on your back can do the trick too. I use the present tense because the journey is never over. Just because I uncovered what was throwing off my Root chakra does not mean the lesson is completed. There is no checkmark or stickers. It takes practice and work and being gentle with myself every step of the way.

My relationship with my father might never heal or meet any of our expectations. Still, I keep learning about myself and assisting others. I would not change a thing in my timeline for I wouldn't be here typing this post or kept meeting magical people in the process. Then again those are lessons for another day and another chakra.

See you next time!


This content is narrated from my point of view and following my intuition. For a medical assessment, you should seek the advice of a doctor or professional.

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