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The Wound of Words: Why do I Write?

Why do I write? I stared at this question for 45 minutes without getting a word out. So let me keep it short and simple. I write to heal. Heal past wounds; wounds I carried with me into this lifetime from a birth chart placement directly impacting my ability to express thoughts and emotions, communicate with others and speak up.

During my early struggles with finding my life purpose, I started to follow spiritual teachers with a heavy focus on Astrology. I would hear them talk about placements and immediately look mine up. Astrology became my map. I knew if my purpose was screaming at me this was exactly where I could find it. And as I re-read these few words aloud Sam Smith keeps repeating in the background "... cause I am never gonna heal my past if I run every time it starts..." Tonight all the credit goes to "Say It First" by Sam Smith.

Traditional birth charts make very little emphasis on your Chiron placement. However, Chiron has triggered an entire revolution in the spiritual community. So, who was this guy? Chiron was a mystical centaur in Greek mythology with the power to heal others, but he could not heal himself. The irony. I have been reading Greek mythology since I can remember. Chiron never came up. I guess it wasn't the right time.

What does Chiron have to say about me? I was born in 1987 which puts my Chiron directly in the sign of Gemini, hence the wound of Words. Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house; sharing and communicating come naturally to this Air element. Well, I was born exactly the opposite. I was very shy growing up, a true introvert. I would cry my eyes out at every single birthday party and would avoid greeting family and friends. Questioning my own intellect for no real reason is deeply rooted in this placement. The cherry on top was moving at the age of 14 (almost 15) to a foreign country/foreign language. My mom had done everything in her power to prepare me for this change, even paying for private tutoring. Still, I remember the pain and frustration I felt sitting in my father's apartment trying to read aloud from a children's book and not being able to make any sense. This was just the beginning of my Chiron truly manifesting.

In addition to the sign, Gemini, there is also the house where your Chiron lies. Mine is located in the 10th house, Capricorn. These two opposite energies, Air and Earth, create blockages with your communication in the public eye, your career, achievements, and legacy. Blockages are not permanent, nothing is. When I was finally able to connect these magical dots, among other placements in my chart, my life purpose showed up.

How to heal this wound? Besides working on my Throat and Solar Plexus chakras, understanding my "power" lies in assisting others to awaken new ideas and come in contact with their own gifts (spiritual or not). Turning the natural skills of Gemini to my favor by inspiring others to look within. Accent or no accent, it does not matter. Inspire positive change in others. It does not have to be public speaking, just find a way to get those words out. And here I am, hopeful and writing.

My Chiron was a huge contributor to my journey and I constantly include it in all my sessions to bring a sense of awareness to others. Your Chiron placement that is. Just like I repeat in every session; you are always so much more than your Sun sign. And so it is.

Affirmations: I speak my truth. I can speak freely. I can speak coherently. I can communicate my thoughts and emotions clearly. I communicate with love and compassion.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

PS: I would like to add a friendly disclaimer stating that I simply do not know it all. Constructive feedback is always welcomed. If you have done your own research, please feel free to share your findings. This journey is always on.

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