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Clarity: Why I Don't Drink

I would like to start by saying I am no saint. I partied in my 20s/early 30s and had the most amazing experiences. I enjoyed every single bachelorette party with girlfriends and caught a yacht ride with a group of strangers I had just met in Ibiza. Yes, I got drunk. Yes, I kissed strangers. Yes, I met amazing people. Yes, I had fun. I made sure to live every single adventure to the fullest. I have no regrets because every experience got me here.

I never had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. If you find yourself here, I would suggest seeking professional help. Your well-being should always be your top priority.

My body started to reject alcohol since I can remember. My closest friends can testify to this. Every time I would have a drink or most times, my cheeks would turn bright red and I would find myself heavily congested. Congested to the point where it was difficult to breathe. It did not matter what I was drinking; my body would refuse to digest it. On some occasions, it would pass as I kept on drinking. In others, I had to stop completely. Allergic reaction to alcohol is a real condition that can be passed down from generation to generation. Your tolerance can be higher or lower and you might even grow out of it with time. I did not get that lucky.

The last time I had a drink, champagne, was back in July 2020. I was re-starting my "Healing the Self" seminars with Rackie, and after experiencing the same discomfort, I made a conscious decision to stop for a few months. I did not plan on my break turning into a permanent 17-month alcohol drought. Do I regret it? Not in the least.

Following my intuition by removing alcohol lessened the physical conditions that showed up a few months later. Keeping it simple. All skin reactions are heavily linked to your Root Chakra, your sense of safety and security. As you already know, my Root has always pushed me to confront my deepest lessons (in addition to my Heart). Even though healing symptoms did not manifest until December 2020, my body needed to get rid of any substances obstructing my healing process. What I like to call "My Need for Clarity".

In order to heal and assist, you are asked to remove all substances that may alter your judgment. Again, this is a personal choice, and not every healer cuts alcohol out of their diet. In my experience, I would have not been able to make it through. I need clarity to interpret messages and provide guidance. Yes, the journey is always bigger than you and some "sacrifices" will be required. To this day, I do not crave alcohol or feel any kind of social pressure to drink. I did feel uncomfortable for a while and found myself having to answer the "why aren't you drinking" question. As I made progress on my journey, I let go of any sense of guilt or obligation to others.

If you find yourself embarking on a similar journey, know this. Liquor stores carry alcohol-free brands. Restaurants and bars always have an option available. If they cannot accommodate, order yourself a club soda with lime and move on with your night. Give your body time to heal from alcohol and enjoy these moments of clarity where nothing is blocking your focus. Ask for Clarity, but be willing to create Clarity for yourself. And so it is.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

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