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Cycles: Why is "It" Showing up Again?

Is it easy to identify when we are stuck in a cycle? What is "It"? "It" can be a person, a pattern, a situation, or behavior. Adapt "It" to what it represents in your life. "It" will test your self-worth, your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, and your patience. "It" will continue to show up time and time again in different people, or in the same person, until you decide to make a change.

If you are still asking yourself, why am I attracting unavailable people or failed relationships? Why are all my bosses so similar and I cannot stand them? Why do I keep experiencing loss, any kind of loss? Why do I keep choosing the same outcome? Wake up, dear. You are stuck in a cycle.

Yes, cycles do have a purpose, especially when "It" shows up multiple times. The purpose is to become aware of its presence. The sooner you see "It" the faster you can break out of "It". The higher the frequency, the more resistance you will experience from your own self to break it.

How to break out of "It"? First and foremost, cycles are not about "It". They are simply a mirror reflecting back a life lesson to be addressed. You always have free will, which means you can either address it now or let it simmer till it drains all your energy. It is 100% up to you and the path you decide to follow. I would suggest you sit with "It" and ask what, why, when, and how can I find my way out of "It". If you would stop resisting "It", life could get easier.

Sharing one of my many "It's". Earlier in the year, I went through a phase where I would wake up every single morning wanting to quit my job. And every single day it got more difficult to deal with my own resistance. It was not about my boss or the people around me, and it was certainly not the first time I was struggling with the same emotion. I had been here before. I had taken jobs "chasing the money" and putting very little thought into what my soul truly wanted. I had guided myself further and further away from my own purpose. Sitting down with "It" was not comfortable, but I could not lie to myself any longer. This was not going to work.

Once I got comfortable with "It", I started to make a clear plan only looking for opportunities in alignment with my purpose. And the Universe came through for me as it always does. An amazing job opened up in the direction of my life purpose, but it was a lateral move. My test was here again. Did I want my life purpose or was money going to define my future? You guessed it right. I had learned my lesson and this "It" left me alone. I get it we all have different financial responsibilities or families to support. I just knew if I were to "chase the money" I would end up mentally and/or physically ill. How much was I willing to risk for "It"?

Ask yourself how your "Its" are controlling the decisions you make and giving your fears meaning. I am not special. The Universe, or a power bigger than you, is always there to assist should you ask for support. Try to listen from a place of love and put your ego aside. How do you know the difference? Vibration: Is it Love or Is it Fear? It always comes down to vibration. And so it is.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

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