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Vibration: Is it Love or is it Fear?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

This post is not about romantic love. It is about Self work and reflection which in turn could influence your external relationships. Thus far, my journey has been heavily focused on inner work. Then again, this is the exact location for happiness and fulfilment.

Learning to rectify my vibration was part of my early lessons. No lesson is easy, especially when you have lived your entire life a certain way. Changing behavior takes time, dedication, and willingness to experience positivity all around. Yes, you will continue to be tested every step of the way. No, there is no finish line to this road or healing journey. The changes will manifest not by the road getting easier, but in your approach to everyday life. Patience and awareness will go hand in hand as you work on raising your vibration, being honest with yourself and living in your truth.

From my experience, the first steps to Love or Fear were initiated by analyzing and asking myself which emotion was manifesting in every situation. Was I sad? Was I confident? Was I feeling happy or fulfilled? I should have started by saying that there is no in-between Love and Fear. No gray areas. You are either vibrating from one or the other. All “positive” emotions you can think of are attached to Love, humbleness, honesty, kindness, and compassion. All “negative” emotions are attached to Fear, overconfidence, jealousy, pride, ego, and selfishness.

When faced with a challenge, I sit and check in with my Self. How do I feel in the moment? Start breaking apart every emotion and dig deeper. At the beginning of my journey, anxiety was a constant companion. It took some time to understand that anxiety was the manifestation, but deeply rooted was a fear of abandonment I have carried for some years. If it is so simple, why do we struggle with separating them? There is a massive step in every spiritual journey I am unable to describe or put into words for you. It encompasses a lifetime of work and separation from your ego. If willing and ready, we all experience it differently. And I wouldn’t like to spoil it for you.

If this is a post that resonates with where you are at today, take a quick look inwards and around. What emotions are coming up for you? Name them and organize them under Love or Fear. From my experience, I found more Fear based emotions than Love and that is exactly where the work began. And so it is.

A few tips to how I manage my emotions:

  1. Catch yourself when you have “low vibrational thoughts” and replace them with a positive one. Whatever that means to you, Replace that Thought!

  2. Understand that obsessing over outcome or putting “too much” effort into something is low vibrational. The outcome you wish for might be positive, and that is fine, but you are trying to control something that is completely out of your hands.

  3. Do the work. Check in every day if necessary; Journaling is a great exercise.

  4. Ask yourself, am I showing up every day as I truly am?

Affirmations: I allow positivity into my life. I am always supported.

Happy Healing.

See you next time!

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