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Inner-Child Healing: Traumas and Releases

I have always felt a sense of sadness, and even guilt, for not remembering some of my childhood memories. My adult Self understands it is inevitable for these memories to fade. Some fade for our own good, so that we may continue to walk without remorse and hurt. Others stay to always put a smile on our faces and become stories we tell others.

Our childhood walks with us. It supports the lives we create for ourselves and defines how we raise our own children. Whether you follow the example set by your parents or decide on a different course. I was raised in a traditional/non-traditional home, divorced parents, where respect and love went hand in hand. However, I was raised "behind a veil" where my mother thought I was just a kid and eventually would forget unpleasant memories. She always did the best she could and beyond. I hold no resentment, but the highest level of respect and love.

When I decided to sit with my Self and unpack my past traumas in order to start healing, I was not expecting the journey to take me back to 1992. Unfortunately, you have to address the past in order to change your present. Mine had started at the age of 5, for others it can start in the womb. It all depends on what you are here to heal. Why was 5 such a crucial age? I experienced my first, and deepest, fear of abandonment at this age; it changed me. And that is one of the many experiences I am here to heal.

So, how do you heal your inner child? First, I needed to become aware of when it started. Once I had clarity, I asked my mother to walk me through what reality happened back then. No secret, my fear is associated with my father leaving my home country without even saying goodbye. Not only did she walk me thru what happened, but I asked to see photos. Oh boy, did I look angry and sad. It was time to pay my 5-year-old Self a visit.

With a clear image of what I looked like back then, I decided to meet with my inner child in meditation. I remember sitting on the floor next to this little girl and holding her hand. Our conversation remains private, but I was finally able to provide her with the comfort and peace she so desperately needed. Yes, I have tears rolling down my face as I type these words out. It is all part of the beauty that comes with healing. Not only did we meet in meditation, but I also wrote her a letter. Many letters actually. I shared with her our future and how humbling our path has been. I love her unconditionally.

There is a second period in my "childhood" I am still working on healing. That is my 12-year-old self. I am not ready to share that experience yet, but the process remains the same. Having the courage to meet with your younger Self and close cycles. Close cycles with love and take from these experiences growth and understanding. Rebuild your own self-love, self-worth and finally move forward. Forgive yourself and in the process forgive others. And so it is.

This has been one of the most difficult posts to write. Thank you for allowing me the space to share it.

Happy Healing and Happy Sunday!

See you next time.

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