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Isolation: A Year Without Instagram

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

If you read "How Everything Started: The Magic of a New Book and a Broken Heart", you are somewhat familiar with what triggered my spiritual awakening or consciousness. If you haven't read it, it is only a short preview of how I discovered my life purpose and the tools gifted along the way. The journey is never over. I repeat; the journey is never over. There is no such thing as "fully healed". Mine started with a desperate need to heal a broken heart. Like everything else in life, it takes painful events to shift our focus.

Social isolation manifested in different stages. I would like to clarify I am using this term loosely; I was never in a position where my mental health was compromised. If you feel that your mental health is at risk, please seek medical help.

Eliminating Distractions: One of my many first steps was to shut down all Instagram accounts, personal and public. At the time, I was running the same account I have now under a different name with no real meaning or purpose. It was 100% an impulse trying to shut pain out and avoid all contact. I saw it as a way to punish the other person; it was simply a blessing in disguise. I had the perfect excuse with nothing to share in the midst of COVID and chaos.

I tried to reconnect back in May - June 2020; an attempt that only lasted a week. I could not find my voice because I was looking for a voice that was no longer there. The Universe or something bigger than me had created the perfect opportunity to go within. It was time to put in the real work. I chose to dedicate it to Energy Healing sessions, reading, meditating, and experiencing healing in my physical body. There was too much happening internally to waste it externally.

I spent a year in serious Hermit mode. Only Facebook was allowed to stay in touch with family members abroad. How was this past year without it? It was total bliss. No distractions, no superficial friendships, no time to waste. I finally reactivated my account (only one account) back in June 2021. How did I feel coming back? Overwhelmed and confused. To be honest, I only stay active to connect and assist others. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Removing People: This step could be a difficult one to digest. Growing up as an only child forced me to surround myself with a large group of friends and lead a very active social life. Again, running away from a deeply rooted fear of abandonment. The first experience with removing people showed up as a result of shutting down social media. I am not disregarding the connections I have made over the years, they all had a purpose. However, removal happens in phases and the superficial ones will certainly go first.

The second phase was a tiny bit more painful. As I was getting comfortable with learning and balancing my chakras, other connections started to suffer. A few friends have exited my life for good and other friendships have strengthened. Never experiencing it from a place of ego or superiority, but understanding that our vibrations are no longer a match. Funny how divine timing works. I experienced a rather uncomfortable event with a group of friends who I have known for many years. Everything unfolded around the same time I was learning about my Throat Chakra. Yes, it is safe to assume your Throat Chakra balances your communication and ability to speak your Truth. What I approached as being able to speak with honesty and love turned into losing long-term friendships. I see it, I understand it and I send them love.

And the ones you cannot remove. The Universe did not go easy on me when it came to family members, especially my support system. I understand in them I am experiencing my biggest lessons. I might share a story or two on a separate blog post on how to manage vibrational changes with your loved ones. Isolation allowed me to see things for what they truly are, how little value material things hold, how real safety can only be found and built from within, and how beautiful it is to wake up to a message from your brother or a close friend sending you good vibes. I rather spend New Year's Eve with a close friend sitting out on my balcony than partying the night away surrounded by strangers. And so it is.

Happy Healing!

See you next time.

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